Social Media


I’ve been thinking a lot about communication and how connected the world has become. Sometimes it overwhelms me and I want to escape it. I’ll leave my phone tucked away for days as I explore the mountains and deserts in a real and raw way. I think life was meant to be experienced like this and the bus life has allowed me to be more open than ever to this sort of adventure. Yet, over the past months of living in the bus, I have also become connected to others of similar interests through social media. At times, I have been apprehensive that this type of communication can carry any real value– but I’m realizing more, especially lately, that it has the potential to be a great tool.

The most prominent example of positive social media communication in my life right now is the relationship Matt and I have developed with a non-profit organization called Radiating Hope. They climb mountains to help fight cancer in Africa. They currently have a crew climbing Denali alongside Matt and the rest of his team. What’s great about this is that even though I have never personally met anyone from Radiating Hope, I am still connected to them. I read their posts, see their beautiful photos of past climbs up Denali, and communicate with them about how their team is doing. Because their team is on a similar schedule to Matt, I can check their posts when I haven’t heard from Matt in a few days– Radiating Hope has easier access to communication with their people back at home. Beyond the support of this team, there are people across the country and across the world who are continually asking for updates and sending their good vibes for Matt’s success.


Another great part of social media has been the opportunities for friendships with like-minded people. I have been able to share our story on other people’s blogs and websites. It’s been a treat to sit down and really think about my life and put to words this incredible bus life experience. On Instagram I have loved the response from individuals as they cheer Matt on during his Alaskan climb, appreciate Magnolia’s simple beauty, and get inspired to play outside by our mini adventures. It has been such an incredible experience. Rather than being an overwhelming, negative thing (something social media has the potential to be) I have greatly appreciated the friendships and support that has come from this world.

The truth is that communicate differently now– and as much as we try to avoid it, I think its something to embrace. That is, as long as we all can stay true to our roots and make sure to take advantage of the times when our phones have no service. There is real beauty and friendships all around us, physically and virtually. Thanks of reading my thoughts– now go on a hike!


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